Holistic! No amalgams. Preventative care. Total body health. Best dentist! Dr Kris is knowledgable and caring! Best hygienist! Lynn is gentle and well informed. Grace is very friendly! Our whole family goes to this practice. We feel very well cared for!

Kathryn K.
Nov 2017

Very kind people in a very warm and compassionate office setting. I really enjoy coming here for my dental work.

andrew n.
May 2017

Grace, front desk is always perky & has such great energy!Dr. Khris is fast, gentle & efficient. Super down to earth!I just went in for a routine cleaning with Lyn & she Gave me some stones, i got to pick a card & went home w a grocery bag! How many dentist do you know that do that! Not to mention the essences that permeated the air as I walked in were delightful!I could recommend anywhere better! Super clean & beautiful energy. Divine female energy!

Cherish S.
Dec 2016

Lynn was super helpful and friendly and I’ll be back for more wonderful service, office was clean and easy to find and worked great with my ppo insurance. Would recommend to anyone in the area

Chris W.
Aug 2016

I have been very happy with Sunnyvale Dental Group. I am THRILLED to have found a biological dentist in the area. I made the move a few years ago when my “regular” dentist asked me to sign papers when I refused x-rays. I was ready to change to someone who shared my passion for natural ways of health and living. I hadn’t even realized there was such a thing as a biological dentist. I have been going to see Dr. Kris since 2014. I’m THRILLED with our experience. My husband sees Dr. Kris as well as my young two children. Lynn is great and a helpful resource. I’m’ so thankful I found them!!

Heather M.
Jun 2016

I feel so fortunate to have found Sunnyvale Dental Group.Dr. Hilado, Lynn Santos, and Grace uphold the highest level of professionalism and care.My children have had their teeth cleaned here since the age of three.They have always been treated with kindness and respect, not to mention they have great teeth 🙂 They truly look forward to getting their teeth cleaned by Lynn. I was puzzled and curious when I read Yvonne’s One Star Review of this office.I could not imagine anyone panning this office so severely.Well, it is interesting to note that Yvonne has a big major habit of giving tons of one star reviews to businesses! She is one upset Yelper! I read most of her other 26 one star reviews. It seems like she gets offended and disgruntled all too easily! She gives 40% of her reviews one star! More than half of her reviews got one or two stars! REALLY? Half of all businesses she reviews deserves one or two stars?!Anyway, enough of those ridiculous and upset Yelpers who think the world owes them big time…My two teen daughters and I swear by Dr. Hilado’s care, Lynn’s cleaning and guidance, and Grace’s efficient and kind service at the front desk. They are a great group. I give this business a full five stars, three cheers, and all the appreciation that they wholeheartedly deserve. I would give them 10 stars if I could!

Maya L.
May 2016

I’ve been driving to Sunnyvale Dental Group from Santa Cruz for all of my dental needs since 2006. It’s hard to find a 100% holistic (no fluoride, ozone) dentistry! These guys are top notch when it comes to precision, quality, and patient care. And they guarantee their work. I can’t recommend them enough.

John D.
May 2016

I am very happy with the service at Sunnyvale Dental Group and would totally recommend them to anyone. Actually I have recommended them to many of my peers abc they have all been very happy with the result. My smile is 100% because of Dr Kris and Lynn. Grace always calls me right back and finds me appointments pronto. I couldn’t recommend this place enough!

Nicole M.
May 2016

Went for biannual cleaning and exam. Lynn is always very thorough with cleaning. The doctor took the time to explain the situation and I got all the information I need to make a decision. But I never feel that they push me do perform any procedures for their revenue’s sake, like I’ve seen it it other dentists.

Chris K.
Apr 2016

Our whole family absolutely loves this practice. We have been coming here for about 8 years and have had only the very best experiences. Lynn is the very best hygienist I’ve ever had. Cannot recommend this group more

Staci C.
Jan 2016

I have been going to Sunnyvale Dental Group for several years now. I drive 3 hours to go to this amazing office. I have referred many patients here who have had dental problems that other dentists had created or couldn’t fix, and Sunnyvale Dental Group was able to correct the underlying cause of the problem. They are a holistic dental office and have been for years even when it wasn’t trendy. Many dentists will say they’re holistic, but check this article out to see if your dentist is:thehealthyhomeeconomist.…Don’t let a non-holistic dentist take out your amalgam/mercury fillings. This should only be done by a trained holistic dentist. I had my mercury fillings removed here and it went very well. Also, many root canals are harmful and unnecessary, and this office does an alternative procedure that works.Lynn is the absolute best hygienist I’ve been to. She gets my teeth cleaner with less toxic substances…she has such a positive attitude and is so truly caring!Yes, they are worth the drive!

Darren H.
Aug 2015

I’ve been coming here since I was a kid, and I love Lynn and had a deep respect for Dr. G who was my first holistic nutrition teacher. He was an incredibly knowledgable, wise, and very dedicated man who gave his all to establishing and running this practice. Though he is no longer with us, Dr. Kris is an amazing replacement with a sweet demeanor and a great bedside manner. She’s gentle, understanding, but also someone who knows her stuff. She is a member of the Holistic Dental Association and does not use mercury fillings or any other toxic products as far as I’ve seen.Lynn, the most wonderful hygienist and now part owner of SDG (so thrilled for her!) is extremely committed to holistic health. She is very patient-oriented and knows her stuff as well. When I was really young, I had a hygenist who made my gums bleed every time and told me that, essentially, this was normal and “no pain no gain.” Lynn, on the other hand, is so gentle and I’m grateful that I had the contrast in experience to know how blessed I really was that my mom found her so many years ago. Every time I see her now, it’s like I’m seeing my cool aunt with whom I could literally talk for hours.I go to school back east and make sure I come in for a visit every time I’m home. I haven’t found a team that compares, and I’m confident you’ll feel right at home here, too!

yawns g.
Aug 2015

I really liked my visit here. One) everything was on time, you aren’t left waiting!Two) A private room for the cleaning, and another private room for the Dentist. I can not tell you how nice it is NOT to hear every drill in a dental office.Three) I felt very “at home”, I was never made to feel like a number or nameless face. I will be going back!

B L.
Jun 2015