Holistic Dentistry, known as biological dentistry, is an alternative approach that focuses on the use of non-toxic and natural ways of restoration and recovery. The purpose of holistic dentistry involves identifying the underlying symptoms that may be affecting your oral health.

Sunnyvale Dental Group, a holistic dentistry, considers your overall impact of dental infections on health and body. Sunnyvale Holistic Dentistry practitioners will take into account your physical as well as the mental well-being. This holistic approach helps in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of the disease. Sunnyvale Holistic Dentistry practitioners treat the problem using natural therapies in combination with traditional methods.

Principles of holistic dentistry:

  • Elimination and avoidance of toxins from dental materials
  • Proper nutrition for the reversal and prevention of degenerative dental diseases
  • Diseases can be prevented. With the right preventive care, most diseases can alleviate.
  • A non-surgical approach to gum diseases and avoidance of root canals.
  • Use of treatment and therapies that cause the least disturbance to the immune system.

Problems with conventional dentistry:

  • Traditional or conventional dentistry fails to look beyond your oral health. It only fixes the present problem and does not consider the side effects that can occur in the future.
  • Conventional dentistry promotes dental amalgam restorations. Mercury amalgams can lead to mercury poisoning and other health hazards.
  • Inadequate disposal of dental waste can cause the release of heavy metals into water sources, posing a threat to wildlife and affecting the food chain.
  • Mercury amalgam also accumulates on dental supplies, such as cotton swabs and gauze. In local areas where trash is incinerated, the mercury can be released via air emissions.
  • Traditional dentistry does not carry out biocompatibility tests. Your sensitivity to the materials is not considered.

Benefits of holistic dentistry:

Holistic dentists work in union with other health care providers to inspect whether an unseen infection of dental origin exists and whether it may be the source of or contributing factor to overall health problems. It is an incorporation of:

  • Hypnosis
  • Homeopathy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Nutrition
  • Herbal Medicine

Other than being aesthetic, biocompatible and life supporting holistic dentistry the following benefits:

1. It is clean and nontoxic.

2. It takes care of the entire body and not just oral health.

3. It does not approve of the quick fixes and considers options. It is minimally invasive- eg. ozone therapy for root canals

4. It can help correct previous harmful dental treatments- eg. Amalgam removal for preventing mercury poisoning.

5. It reverses the toxic dental treatments.

Holistic therapies provided at Sunnyvale Dental Group:

  • No mercury fillings or nickel-based crowns
  • Safe mercury removal-rubber dam, vacuum, oxygen
  • Ozone therapy-restorative, periodontal and surgical procedures
  • Mercury Tri Test- for evaluating body burden for mercury and elimination
  • Vitamin C therapy
  • Amalgam removal

The mouth-body connection:

Holistic dentistry focuses on your overall health because your mouth is a gateway to the rest of the body. The dental infections could cause problems in the rest of the body. The infections deteriorate the gums allowing bacteria into the bloodstream which could lead to various health issues.

Oral health and diabetes

The connection between diabetes and periodontitis is the strongest of all. The inflammation that starts in the mouth weakens the ability of the body to handle blood sugar and insulin processing. The high blood sugar can on the other hand cause inflammation in gums.

Oral health and heart stroke

Gum diseases and heart attacks go hand in hand. Up to 91% patients with a heart disease have periodontitis. A theory suggests that inflammation in the gums causes inflammation of blood vessels which increases the risk of heart attack.

Moreover, the fatty plaque can break away into the bloodstream to the heart or the brain which can cause a heart attack.

Oral health and lung infections

Periodontal diseases may make pneumonia and other chronic lung infections worse due to the increased amount of bacteria in lungs.

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