Dr. Asrai Mousa

My name is Dr. Asrai Mousa, and I was born in Omaha, Nebraska. I completed my Doctoral of Dental Surgery and graduated with several awards from UCSF/ University of California San Francisco. I’ve worked as an associate for 3 years in the US and 5 years abroad.
I am passionate and a big advocate of conservative and holistic dentistry, therefore, I am delighted to be part of a holistic amazing team at Sunnyvale Dental Group.
I love to socialize with my patients, get to know them, and take the time to answer all their questions.
I take an extensive amount of continuing education, which has shaped my dental approach in the clinic.
I’ve received excellent training in surgical extraction, bone graft, PRF, and cosmetic dentistry.
I am a member of the ADA (American dental association), CDA (California dental association) and HDA (Holistic dental association).
Outside of dentistry, I enjoy spending quality family time. My husband and 3 daughters are my joy in this world. I like hiking with family and friends, going to the beach, and reading historical novels.
I look forward to meeting you and your family.